Hot water heater pilot light won't stay lit? The TIGHTSPOT VACUUM Brush could be the answer.

The perfect brush for cleaning hot water heater air-intake screens, refrigerator coils and any other appliance or furniture that requires a compact brush.

Only $15.95

      The size of the compact TIGHTSPOT VACUUM BRUSH is just 7/8" wide, 1
      1/2" deep (including the brush), and 16" long. Two nozzle sizes
      (1 1/4" standard, 1 1/2" large) will fit most vacuum cleaners.

See the TIGHTSPOT in use.

Click here for a larger version.

The compact nozzle of the TIGHTSPOT VACUUM BRUSH reaches under the hot water heater to clean the air intake screen. The brush loosens the dust and dirt and the vacuum pulls the debris away. Just brushing or blowing air can drive the dust and dirt into the screen.

Additional hose adapter will accomodate any vacuum cleaner (hose sizes from 2 5/16" to 1" in fice steps). Foam tape strip included to insure snug fit on all models.
Only $1.00

TIGHTSPOT VACUUM BRUSH will also get through the opening on refrigerators to clean the cooling coils. The brush loosens the dust for the vacuum to clean throughouly.

Also great for cleaning under low furniture where
regular vacuum cleaner attachments won't go.

Retail Price: $15.95

St. Louis, MO  63139

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